07 January 2008

Book of the Week--Toy Boat

Just about any child can identify with losing a beloved toy. But what if you had made the toy yourself? And it was lost at sea? And what if the toy had already wondered about setting off on its own, into the world, only to realize that there's no place like home? Randall De Seve's gentle book, Toy Boat explores these questions. Soft-hearted children will feel for the lost toy, as well as for the little master who has lost her. Tender illustrations, such as a mournful moon--which looks suspiciously like the little boy--watching over the boat, adrift at sea, and a clearly composed text combine to lift this story above the level of 'feel-good-message-book'. In a world where sunshine follows the rain, and the kindness of passing strangers completely compensates for previous slights, then a little boy and his boat can still find each other, even across the vast, unforgiving sea.

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