24 May 2011

I told you picture books weren't just for kids

So. This week's publishing sensation is the as yet unpublished Go the F**k to Sleep, (actually, I started this post last week. And people are still talking about the book. Yup--it's a sensation.) The book started as a personal parental lament from author Adam Mansbach and has resulted in film rights. And the book hasn't even been published yet! Score one for internet piracy, which is credited with spreading the word about this unusual picture book.

The book has generated discussion about everything from hand-wringing about parental devotion, to concern for the feelings of the real-life child at the heart of the book, to cries of enough already. I have not seen the pirated PDF, yet I have the feeling that I've already read this book. But with no swears. And actually written for children. It's called:

This 2006 picture book, written in the tone of "you-know-I'm-kidding-but-not-really" goes like this:

"Love you when you whine.
Love you when you interrupt.
Love you when you don't say please.
Love you when you pour your cereal on the floor."

And my personal favorite:

"Love you when you say "Carry me, Carry me" and I am already carrying two bags of groceries and a backpack full of library books."

You get the general idea. And needless to say, since this is a child's picture book, by the end we are reassured that the mommy really does love her little turd of a kid. As I said, I've not yet read Go the F**k to Sleep, so I can't vouch for any warm fuzzy moment at the end to validate all the four-letter sentiment that comes before. But the fact remains that parenting is hard, and parents know that best. A self-serving laugh at ridiculous bedtime routines and the other ways we bend ourselves into knots trying to raise kids never hurts. With or without the expletives.

18 May 2011

First Tintin, and now Katniss Everdeen!

It's been a big day for news pertaining to popular book franchises that are making the jump from the page to the screen. First, the official movie trailer for The Adventures of Tintin was released. Then, Entertainment Weekly released this week's cover, featuring the first look at actress Jennifer Lawrence all kitted up for The Hunger Games. I love days like this!

Adventures of Tintin--almost here!

Okay, maybe 23 December 2011 isn't technically almost, but it's pretty darn close! However, it is still far enough away that repeated assertions about how Tintin is unknown in the United States will be numerous enough to make me throw myself over the side of the Unicorn! We can't keep Tintin on the shelves at this library, or any other where I have worked. The cub reporter and his little dog, Snowy, has a loyal fan base in this country, and I am fed-up of the media saying otherwise! And with current Doctor Who show runner, Stephen Moffat, one of the contributors to the screenplay, you can bet there will be interest in him alone. Anecdotal evidence suggests the allure of a big name has the power to bring new fans to an  established fandom.

11 May 2011

Lunch with an Author--Jerry Pinkney

Now--I know what you're thinking. Two days in a row. Lunch with an author. Is this woman a librarian or a professional nosher? Well, I am a librarian, and this week I have been an especially fortunate one. After dining yesterday with Jacqueline Davies, today I was invited to eat with Caldecott-winning illustrator Jerry Pinkney. He was on a school visit to my daughter's school (those lucky kids!) and the librarian told me to come along to a special luncheon being held in his honor.

My previous degree of separation from Jerry Pinkney--I reviewed this for School Library Journal in Fall 2010. Now, I have lunch!
Jerry talked about his upcoming fall release Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, his current show at the Norman Rockwell Museum, and shared a great story about his relationship with his father, which we all felt should be the subject of a future picture book. He was friendly and personable..... and at the same table as me! Talking picture books! What a thrill.

It's been an exciting week, full of good food and fantastic company. If any other authors are swinging through the Boston area and need a lunch date--my calendar is open.

10 May 2011

Lunch with an Author--Jacqueline Davies

This afternoon I had the pleasure and privilege of participating in a lunch given in honor of author Jacqueline Davies and her new novel, The Lemonade Crime. This sequel to The Lemonade War is already picking up stars and praise a plenty--so no real change from the first book! I have to confess that I only recently read The Lemonade War--like, as soon as I received the invitation (no time like the present.) However, I am very familiar with her Ms. Davies' picture books, particularly The Boy Who Drew Birds, because of my own love affair with John Audubon and his dynamic paintings.

I have been following Ms. Davies' career with interest, because she lives in the town where I started as a children's librarian. She was sort of a local celebrity, even though I met her for the first time today. She was gracious and natural, and put this starstruck blogger at ease. And she pored a heavy pitcher of lemonade without dribbling any of it onto the tablecloth, which is always an impressive skill, and more than I was able to do (I must remember not to order collapsible sandwiches when trying to make a good impression.)

A big thank you to the kind folks at Houghton Mifflin who included me in today's lunch.

This weekend I have been mostly reading.....

......Jacqueline Davies and Jerry Pinkney as I prepare for not one, but two, author lunches this week. Ohhh....I could get used to this!

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