30 March 2009

School Library Journal--Battle of the Books

Well this sounds fun--and in time for National Library Week, too. School Library Journal is hosting its first annual (so huzzah! there will be more) Battle of the Books. They have lined up an impressive list of last year's choice titles, as well as an all-star panel of judges. You can follow the progrss of the battle at their BotB Blog. I've read enough of the books on the list to be able to follow the battle with a certain level of competance. My choice from the selection I've read: Here Lies Arthur, by Phillip Reeve.

26 March 2009

Picture Books with Promise

There is simply NO WAY this book can live up to its title! I mean, there's only one heinie on the cover.

24 March 2009

Daniel Pinkwater is super awesome.....

....for making his latest book available on-line! You can go here and read The Yggyssey, his "sort of sequel" to The Neddiad. As with his previous work, The Yggyssey will be available in serial form. Hurrah for Danial Pinkwater! (Don't forget to catch him on NPR.)

03 March 2009

Rave Review: Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things by Lenore Look

Here are some reasons why you should read Alvin Ho:

The first reason is that it takes place in Concord, Massachusetts, which ensures many literary allusions.

The second reason is that it mentions Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka.

The third reason is that Alvin Ho is a charming narrator, and his brother and sister are not unbearable.

The fourth reason is that, how else are you going to see LeUyan Pham's super illustrations?

The fifth reason is to find out what happens to Johnny Astro.

The sixth reason is that it is a funny, touching book that both boys and girls will enjoy!

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