01 January 2008

Blistering Barnacles! Tintin to hit the Screen

This is kind of an old story by now but the BBC reports about the upcoming Tintin films, one of which is to be directed by Peter Jackson (him of Lord of the Rings fame)and another by Steven Spielberg. According to the article a trilogy of films is to be made (Jackson clearly working on the premise that 3 is a magic number) and will feature the same technology that worked so well for Beowulf. So I guess that means it won't be live action? The article does not mention who will play the boy reporter, but there is already an official Tintin movie site, so you can watch that space for more news. Clearly, some people are very excited about this project. And who can blame them? I for one adore Tintin. When I visited Brussels, all I wanted to do was find a Tintin t-shirt. Forget the chocolate! But as I get older I find that I enjoy book to film adaptations less and less. But I'm looking forward to Snowy becoming the most famous film Yorkie since Toto.

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