02 January 2008

Bedtime Stories

Amazing Grace (Hoffman, Mary and Caroline Binch, illus.)
Follow the Line Through the House (Ljungkvist, Laura)
You'll be Sorry (Schneider, Josh)

As we prepare for a return to school, and the end of the holiday routine, it was not very easy getting these stories read, because it was not very easy getting washed and in bed on time. And then once we did, we realized that we should have saved something like"Follow the Line" for a reading opportunity when we had time to do just that--follow the line. It was a cool book with lots of details to investigate, and the appeal of trying to follow the single line from the front cover all the way through. But we were racing against the clock, so we did not give the book it's full due. However, we did read "Sorry" twice. The premise is simple: a little mouse is warned against hitting her baby brother. She does not believe it when her parents say "You'll be sorry." She should have listened to them! The comic ramifications will scare off any young reader. Parents--get this book for your squabbling offspring!

As for "Grace," this is a favorite. We have enjoyed all the Grace books and are revisiting them as we wait for the latest installment in the series, Princess Grace, due out in just a few days. I sang the first verse of "Amazing Grace" for my daughter, who was rather surprised to hear it. Apparently she was unaware of its existence. Clearly not paying attention in church!

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