24 January 2008

Book of the Week--Birthday at the Panda Palace

This is a crowd pleaser all around: great for story time, great as a birthday gift, great for bedtime (evidenced by the fact that my daughter asked to hear it twice this evening.) That big happy panda from Dinner at the Panda Palace is back, and he's hosting birthday parties now. He's got all his friends round to celebrate Mouse's birthday. The story is told in smooth, easy to read rhymes, with a few speech bubbles thrown in towards the end to fill in the back story. And once it's time for the gifts, the text sets up a page turner with ample opportunity for little listeners to shout out the answer. This is such a cheerful, happy book. And to be honest, with a child's birthday party to host fast approaching, I could sure use some of Panda's expertise and panache!

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