24 August 2010

Is there no justice?! Jon Agee's Terrific

I love working the afternoon shift. You know the sort--the kind where I come in to a desk piled high with issues (hint: file under "sarcasm".) Today I found a pile of payment forms for lost materials. I give these the once over to see if there's anything I need to replace. Sure enough, I notice that Jon Agee's Terrific has been lost (sob!) So, as I'm debating whether to order 1 copy or 2, I stumble upon an inconvenient truth: it's no longer available. Surely B&N are pulling my leg. I check Baker and Taylor: Permanently out of Stock. Amazon: available from these sellers (a.k.a. Not Us.) I grab my head and do my best Edvard Munch Scream impression. How can this BE?!?! Terrific is only one of my all-time favorite story time books (and not just because it allows me ample opportunity to do my parrot impression.) Terrific is necessary to children's books in the same way that Oscar the Grouch is vital to Sesame Street--so that kids know its okay to have bad days and foul moods and they will still be lovable. Terrific was written by the sublime Jon Agee, who keeps finding new ways to have fun with language and make it accessible to young readers. So why is this book no longer available? I mean, look at all the awards it has won:

ALA Notable Book
The Horn Book, Fanfare 2005
New York Times Notable Children's Book of 2005
Publishers Weekly, Best Children's Books 2005
Bank Street, Best Children's Books 2005
Child Magazine, Best Children's Books 2005
Chicago Public Library, Best of the Best 2005
Parent's Choice Award Winner for Picture Book
Book Sense, Top Ten Best Children's Books 2005
California Commonwealth Club, Best Juvenile Fiction, 2005
Junior Library Guild Selection
The book is only 5 years old. Is the publishing world operating in dog years, where a 5 year old book is actually 35 and consequently ancient? Couldn't it at least qualify as a classic under those conditions? I can only hope that there is a shiny new release on the horizon. Heck, I'd take a paperback edition.


Esther said...

I absolutely love it as well and I will be sure not to let N take it out as I suspect it will not be returned!!

Kara Schaff Dean said...

have no fear, Esther--I already own a copy!

Sam and Boo said...

I love this book too, although I figured it was on it's way out because I bought it in the bargin bin for $2. That's too bad.

My son loves it. We do a deep gravelly voice for Eugene, a squawky one for Lenny, and something that reminds me of Fran Drescher for the captain. It's a hit.

Kara Schaff Dean said...

Oh my goodness--Fran Drescher as the captain. Too funny!

Sam and Boo Book Reviews said...

P.S. Linked my own review of Terrific back here:

Spectrum Mom said...

We love all Agee's books and I included this one in a post too-because of Sam and Boo (also where I found your blog). Thanks for your excellent suggestions and your plea to publishers.

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