05 September 2007

Opening Horizons

Story time this evening saw us enjoying The Pink Refrigerator by Tim Egan, one of my favorite cerebral picture book authors. (Check out Serious Farm.) This wise story about the complacent Dodsworth who "loved to do nothing" until he discovers a magic pink refrigerator with other plans, put me in mind of a couple of other picture books where the small world of the central character is slowly opened wide enough so that real life magic can find its way in.

Hey Al! (Yorinks, Arthur) This 1987 Caldecott Medal winner is one of my all time favorite picture books. One over-worked custodian and his dog Eddie discover that the grass is neither greener, nor, necessarily, on the other side.

Mole Music (McPhail, David) Mole works all day and watches TV all night, until he decides to learn how to play the violin. Practice makes perfect, and changes the world, too.

The Magic Bed (Burningham, John) Georgie has outgrown his crib and is ready for a big boy bed. And he doesn't choose just any old bed as a replacement. Magic and imagination are interchangeable in this story about moving on.

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