28 September 2007

It's Dahl at the top

According to an article in The Guardian, Roald Dahl is the most popular children's author among young adult readers. The list of the top ten is surprising for the abundance of classic authors over more recent favorites. Here is the list:

1. Roald Dahl
2. CS Lewis
3. JM Barrie
4. JK Rowling
5. Anthony Horowitz
6. Jacqueline Wilson
7. Dr Seuss
8. Philip Pullman
9. Francesca Simon
10. Enid Blyton

J.M. Barrie is more popular than J.K. Rowling? On the basis of Peter Pan? Did the poll participants pull these names out of their own experience, or was it multiple choice? Also, I thought the definition of "young adult" was a bit broad: 16-34! If you are going to include thirtysomethings under the YA umbrella, what counts as the new middle age?

Actually, I find the list a bit tame and parochial. Only one Yank in there! And it is not at all representative of current trends in children's literature.

Okay--here's a call for candidates. I will prepare my own list by next week, so unless it is to be based entirely on my own opinion, send in your nominees.


zena47 said...

taking a far more traditional view of YA as 10-16 (IMHO) here is my list of favorites:
Madeleine LEngle
Louisa May Alcott
Jules Verne
Sterling North
Bette Greene
Elizabeth George Speare
Katherine Paterson
CS Lewis
Susan Cooper
and just to quote one who can't even be found on the web... but whose one book I read I adored (as a child)Maria S Cummins

zena47 said...

Correction! Once I typed the name correctly (duh!) Maria S Cummins is on the web and there is even the e-text of my much loved book "The Lamplighter"

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