22 September 2007

From Page to Stage--War Horse

I saw this in the Times On-line: Michael Morpurgo's 1982 War Horse has been transformed into a stage production, due to premier in London's West End in October 2007. This is not to be confused with Dick King-Smith's The Water Horse, due to hit the silver screen at the end of this year. Equine overload? Neigh!


zena47 said...

these books are completely unknown to me. Are they for kids? These days when I think of horses, my mind goes straight to "Seabiscuit" which is not for kids. So, how do these books compare to the classic "Black Beauty"?

Yankeerat said...

The Water Horse is actually about a Loch Ness Monster type of creature, not a horse at all. War Horse is about horses (or at least one) that served during the First World War. I believe--although I can't be 100% sure because I have not yet read it--it is told from the point of view of the horse, just as Black Beauty is. I'll let you know one I've read it!

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