19 September 2007

Look who else is headed for the screen

I came across this news item while on-line trying to hunt down a Rainbow Magic Annual for my daughter. Hit Entertainment, license holders for the distribution of Thomas the Tank Engine, Pingu, and the Wiggles--just a few stars in a constellation of children's popular characters--plans to turn the popular Rainbow Magic series of books into a TV show. My daughter will be thrilled. Unlike My Friend Rabbit, I think the Rainbow Fairies (and the Weather Fairies, and the Jewel Fairies, and all the rest of them) are perfect for the jump to the small screen. The stories are slight, the characters stock, and the sugar coating heavy. Now, that may sound like a criticism, but it's not. The Rainbow Magic series is not reaching for any great literary heights, just for the hearts and minds of little girls. And the authors (there are four of them) have succeeded--spectacularly! The open ended format of an animated series will allow for plenty of pretty colors, fairy dust, and fairy fashion without having to worry too much about plot. Again--this is not a criticism! I firmly believe that there is a place for light, escapist fiction--even for the Easy Chapter set. Who wants capital 'L' Literature all the time? While I don't get much enjoyment out of reading the Rainbow Magic books to my daughter (and it pained me that she chose Evie the Mist Fairy over The Wizard of Oz when I asked what chapter book she wanted to read tonight) I know that she enjoys them, and that one day she will enjoy reading them to herself. And reading, after all, is the ultimate goal.


Sarah & Eric said...

A series! It was inevitable! Don't worry about the choosing of Rainbow Magic over the Wizard of Oz. I absolutely loved licensed characters of the 80's - I had a set of Care Bear books that were my favorites. And look how smarty-pants I turned out! :)

Sam said...

My daughter will be happy with this news as well - she just picked up Juliet the Valentine Fairy last night!

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