25 September 2007

I love my Dirty Wow Wow

One of my new colleagues showed me this charming little volume, which was written by her sister and brother-in-law. Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories (Katz, Cheryl and Jeffrey) is a photographic tribute to those blankets, teddies, and soft friends that are our first loves. Each portrait of a misshapen, heavily mended, drool-stained cuddly toy is accompanied by a brief vignette, although the words are not necessary to express how precious these toys were to the boys and girls of their pasts. There are fifty in the book, and you can see more at the publisher's website. Here is mine, Fluffy Tail, a soft squirrel. Fluffy Tail was originally intended for some other child. But when she was returned in the post, my mother gave her to me. I can't remember being without Fluffy Tail, and for the longest time she still travelled with me, until it became apparent to me that she was too fragile to keep up such a lifestyle! She now sits on a shelf in my office. Not as cozy as the days when we used to share a bed, but close at hand all the same.

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