17 February 2008

Book of the Week--Kat Kong

How did I ever miss out on this one?! First of all, I love Dav Pilkey's picture books, and having made a point to read all of them, I thought that I had. Secondly, Kat Kong looks just like my cat, Richie, famous for having traveled over from England with us and being the most talkative, daftest, lovable cat I know (I also have a nine lives/reincarnation theory about him, but I won't go into that here.) Kat Kong is a "faithful" adaptation of the King Kong story--about as faithful as you can be using manipulated photo collage and telling the story with mice and a black cat. The book has been rated, just like a film (TS for "terribly silly".) Forget 'terribly' silly--it's wonderfully silly! There are some truly ghastly puns, both in the text and in the pictures. So if you like to groan while you giggle, this is the book for you. Dav Pilkey's website has some fantastic "behind the scenes" info about this book, including the storyboards he drew for Kat Kong and it's companion volume Dogzilla, on-line puzzles and printables from the book, and insider tips about how he managed to get his cat, Blueberry, to make such menacingly goofy expressions. In fact, the site in general is quite cool. Stay awhile and play!

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