04 February 2008

Book of the Week--Adele and Simon

This is my current life story, but without the benefit of it taking place in Paris! Adele collects her brother Simon from school, and on the way home he manages to lose the drawing of a cat he made in school, his books, his scarf, his gloves (one at a time,) his hat, his crayons, his knapsack, his jacket, and his sweater. All this despite the conscientious Adele's constant scolding and hand-wringing. As my daughter and I made our way through the book--for each page is actually a picture puzzle, with the missing item hidden for little hawk-eyes to find--I was reminded of a day when I dropped her off at school and then followed a trail of hats, gloves, and scarves, all left behind by my little one like a trail of breadcrumbs from her classroom to the front entrance. While I prefer Dahlia as a story, Adele and Simon is an absolutely gorgeous book, with maps of Paris for end pages, and detailed pen and ink and watercolor drawings of early twentieth-century Paris. An absolute feast for the eyes.

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