27 February 2008

Great Galleys--Picture Books you won't want to miss

I seem to have been inundated with picture books for review over the past few weeks. Just like buses...you wait, and wait, and wait for one to arrive, and then as soon as you light a cigarette, three arrive at once. I don't actually smoke, but I have seen this theory in action, and it's true! Anyways, I've been fortunate enough to get some good ones in this recent batch and can proudly recommend:

Mr. Pusskins and Little Whiskers: another love story by Sam Lloyd
Gorgonzola: a Very Stinkysaurus by Margie Palatini and Tim Bowers, illus.
Max's Bunny Business by Rosemary Wells

There's always room for more in the Great Fictional Cats cannon (Rotten Ralph, Samson the Church Cat, Jenny Linsky, Henry the Siamese, Slinki Malinki--I could go on and on) so make space for Mr. Pusskins! His books beg the question "just where are the grown-ups?" but in the end, who cares? Mr. Pusskins is the star with Emily as his adoring friend. And now he has a new devotee, the mischievous kitten Little Whiskers.

Gorgonzola is the stinkiest dinosaur this side of the Mesozoic Era, but it's nothing a few well-placed words and a toothbrush can't fix. This "message" book about personal hygiene is funny and clever with fantastic cartoon illustrations and a few choice puns as well. Dinosaurs and B.O.--a great combination!

Max's Bunny Business is really here as an honorable mention, simply because it involves the venerable Max and Ruby who seem to have the same adventure over and over again: Ruby, industrious and focused, is sidetracked by Max, who just wants a set of vampire teeth/chocolate chicken/sparkle ring. Fortunately, they still amuse. And just who's side is Grandma on anyways? After all these years, I still can't tell.

All of these books are available May 2008.

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