12 August 2007

Top 5 Picture books in New England

This list was taken from the 12 August 2007 Boston Sunday Globe:

1)Puff the Magic Dragon (Yarrow, Peter and Lenny Lipton; Eric Puybaret, illus.)
2)Bad dog, Marley! (Grogan, John; Richard Cowdrey, illus.)
3)Where the wild things are (Sendak, Maurice)
4)Let's find Pokemon! (Aiha
ra, Kazunori)
5)Fancy Nancy and the posh puppy (O'Connor, Jane; Robin Preiss Glasser, illus.)

I am assuming that the Pokemon book is a legitimate picture book and not a graphic novel mislabeled. And I find the inclusion of "Wild Things" interesting, in light of a conversation I had recently with a colleague. We debated whether it was a book still popular with children, as opposed to a book remembered fondly by parents. I find that children certainly know the book, but it is not a title I hear them ask for on a regular basis. It is also listed in the Amazon bestsellers list for 4-8 year olds (at least as of this writing. The list is updated hourly.)

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