10 May 2011

Lunch with an Author--Jacqueline Davies

This afternoon I had the pleasure and privilege of participating in a lunch given in honor of author Jacqueline Davies and her new novel, The Lemonade Crime. This sequel to The Lemonade War is already picking up stars and praise a plenty--so no real change from the first book! I have to confess that I only recently read The Lemonade War--like, as soon as I received the invitation (no time like the present.) However, I am very familiar with her Ms. Davies' picture books, particularly The Boy Who Drew Birds, because of my own love affair with John Audubon and his dynamic paintings.

I have been following Ms. Davies' career with interest, because she lives in the town where I started as a children's librarian. She was sort of a local celebrity, even though I met her for the first time today. She was gracious and natural, and put this starstruck blogger at ease. And she pored a heavy pitcher of lemonade without dribbling any of it onto the tablecloth, which is always an impressive skill, and more than I was able to do (I must remember not to order collapsible sandwiches when trying to make a good impression.)

A big thank you to the kind folks at Houghton Mifflin who included me in today's lunch.

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