18 May 2011

Adventures of Tintin--almost here!

Okay, maybe 23 December 2011 isn't technically almost, but it's pretty darn close! However, it is still far enough away that repeated assertions about how Tintin is unknown in the United States will be numerous enough to make me throw myself over the side of the Unicorn! We can't keep Tintin on the shelves at this library, or any other where I have worked. The cub reporter and his little dog, Snowy, has a loyal fan base in this country, and I am fed-up of the media saying otherwise! And with current Doctor Who show runner, Stephen Moffat, one of the contributors to the screenplay, you can bet there will be interest in him alone. Anecdotal evidence suggests the allure of a big name has the power to bring new fans to an  established fandom.

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