13 February 2011

On My Reading Radar: The Unforgettable Season

Just in time for Spring Training! Last year, the release of the excellent No Easy Way by Fred Bowen finally introduced Ted Williams as a subject for picture book biographies, a move which was long overdue in my opinion. This spring he is making an appearance again in The Unforgettable Season, written by Phil Bildner with illustrations by S.D. Schindler. The book is about the summer of 1941, when Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox and Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees were pursuing two of the most enduring records in baseball history. Author Phil Bildner has written a number of outstanding baseball picture books (Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy is probably my favorite) so this book has the potential to be something really special (blatant plug to Penguin USA--I'd love a review copy!)

This book gives me another opportunity to post my open letter to Dan Gutman. I'm still hoping for that Stosh and Teddy meeting!

Note: since I posted this I have been informed that there will in fact be a "Ted and Me" entry in the Baseball Card Adventures series. Huzzah! And about time.

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