04 February 2011

From Page to Stage: Pet Shop Boys and The Most Incredible Thing

Once upon a time--in February 2009 to be exact--I blogged about reports that the Pet Shop Boys were working on a ballet based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen. That ballet is now finished and will start its run at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London from 17-27 March. I envy all you lucky Londoners who can go see it! I will have to content myself with the two-disc soundtrack which will be released, also in March. The play is based on The Most Incredible Thing, which is not an Andersen story that I am familiar with, though clearly that is about to change.

You can see Neil and Chris talking about the ballet in this video. It must be incredible, as it completely dominates my blog! (Ok--it could just be a formatting issue--but still! I sure wish I could go see it.)

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Playing by the book said...

Wow, didn't know about this ballet - sounds really interesting!

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