27 May 2010

On My Reading Radar: Mr. Putney's Quacking Dog

It's that time of the fiscal year when my book budget is spent, and I'm looking wistfully at the summer catalogs for what's coming over the horizon. So imagine my joy when I saw that Jon Agee, the Prince of the Palindrome, the Sultan of Spoonerisms, the Titan of Tongue Twisters, the Officer of Oxymorons--and who also happens to write a damn good picture book--has a new title coming out! August will see the release of Mr. Putney's Quacking Dog. Is it a picture book? Is it word play? Which ever category it falls into (and we can't discount both!) it's bound to be brilliant.

(For some unashamed Agee love, here is my review of Orangutan Tongs. Bring me wetter water waiter!)

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