20 May 2010

Library Advocacy and Ghostbusting

Who says that libraries can't think outside the box when it comes to advocacy? American Libraries reports how the New York Public Library approached Improv Everywhere ("We Cause Scenes",) to develop a viral campaign to spread the word that even venerable institutions like the New York Public Library face devastating budget cuts and need public support. Boston Public Library, take note.

If you haven't yet seen this pretty funny video to advertise the NYPL's "Don't Close the Book Campaign", then watch it now!


Anonymous said...

Very, very cool. I think I saw this one other place online, but you're one of the first I've seen to highlight among bloggers I know. I just wonder how much they paid for it. ;)

Kara Schaff Dean said...

Well, it says at the end of the video that the NYPL donated the space, so perhaps they paid little, if anything. I think what I like best about this video is that it shows New Yorkers still have a sense of humor, after all the unfunny unpleasant stuff that has happened recently. It would have only taken one on-edge reactionary to spoil the whole thing.

JJ said...

That was funny. This American Life did a piece on this group. Usually they just show up but I think that if any money changed hands NYPL got paid based on what I heard anyway.

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