12 February 2009

Things I've learned from my in-box

So, I'm trying to tidy-up before the long weekend. I'm sifting through the rather large pile of publisher's catalogs, performer's postcards, and subscription offers in my sagging in-tray. And I learned this: Toot and Puddle have their own TV show. I don't know why this has particularly struck me. But it has. Why this series of books for TV? How many different ways can Holly Hobbie market herself? I've never heard of the tie-in, and I feel as if I should have. And they aren't the only literary pigs on TV, either; evidently Olivia has her own show now, too. I'm going to make a sweeping, uninformed generalization here--Olivia isn't suited for TV. Her books are so great because of their minimalist approach to story-telling. TV would be total overkill. Of course, I've not seen it yet so I could be TOTALLY wrong. But I'm making an educated guess.

Can anyone tell me otherwise?

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JJ said...

We don't watch Toot and Puddles so I can't say much about it but I have to say that Olivia is great. There is not too much going on and thinking on it, I think that it looks like the pages themselves are animated rather than taking the story and making it a "cartoon". It is I Love Olivia Week so maybe you can catch a show and see what you think.

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