13 February 2009

Beezus and Ramona hits the big screen

Well here's a book-to-film adaptation that will definitely go down well at our house. Walden Media has announced that they will be adapting Beverley Cleary's Beezus and Ramona for release in March 2010. Of course, Ramona had her own TV series where Beezus was mainly incidental to the hi-jinks of her younger sister. But in the original book the sister-sister dynamic is much more prevalent, and Beezus is the central protagonist. Ramona didn't really become interesting or (if I'm honest) bearable, until she was a bit older, so this should be the film for beleaguered big sisters everywhere. And frankly, snagging Selena Gomez to play Beezus is a good move. The Wizards of Waverly Place star already has a built-in fan base, including the eager little eight year old at my house. Although, shouldn't she be on Ramona's side?


Mary Ann Scheuer said...

great news! Thanks so much for sharing this. And I agree so much with your thoughts on the books focus (on both sisters) and on the genius casting of Selena Gomez.

Anonymous said...

Aiee! I was not a fan of Ramona- ever!!! This will definitely be a movie I will skip.

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