08 January 2009

Starting the New Year Right!

Well, I'm back from holiday and back at work and happy to be in possession of both the new Fashion Kitty and Babymouse books. And this afternoon I've been having a right old chuckle at There was a Man Who Loved a Rat and other vile Little poems. Author Gerda Rovetch and illustrator Lissa Roveth--a formidable mother/daughter team--have produced a hysterical volume which combines the wit of Shel Silverstein with the visual sensibility of Edward Gorey (a comparison I typed up myself before reading almost the same exact sentiment on the book's web-page. So it must be true if someone else thinks the same!)

I quote:

"There was a man in Timbuktu
who found a lizard in his shoe.
He chewed it once. He chewed it twice.
The second time was not so nice."

The book had me at "loved a rat," and lives up to all the promise of those three happy words! I can't believe I missed this the first time around.

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