28 January 2009

Rave Reviews: Gully's Travels by Tor Seidler

Tor Seidler is one of those authors I always feel that I should read more of. I mean, he's written about rats and his Mean Margaret is illustrated by Jon Agee--major attractions as far as I'm concerned. I have read Toes, which I enjoyed immensely, and highly recommend. And last night I finished Gully's Travels. I had ordered it on-sight once I saw it in a publisher's catalog (there are authors in which waiting for the review is not necessary.) My faith was rewarded. This is a book about friendship, loyalty, and discovering what is important in life. All told from the point of view of a dog. An exotic Lhasa Apso, to be exact. The story of Gully's incredible journey is told with a delicacy and wisdom that is a bonus if found in a book for adults, never mind one written for the 8-12 demographic. And the illustrations of Brock Cole compliment the text with their deceptive simplicity and immense range of expression (while I'm praising Brock Cole, let me make a plug for 2007's original fairy tale Good Enough to Eat.) Read it today!

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