26 January 2009

On My Reading Radar--The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Well, after this morning's Newbery Committee announcement, this is sort of a no brainer! It's one of those books that I've been meaning to catch the next time I saw it come across the circ desk. But now that it's the 2009 winner, I'll step up my efforts. I've already ordered a second copy for our collection. I wonder how the imminent release of Coraline in theatres played into this, if at all. Will the success of one project help the other? More importantly, will anyone now borrow our copy of the Coraline GN, which has not circulated as well as I thought it would?

As for the other winners, I'll say just this--not my favorite crop this year. A lot of hard sells on the lists, at least from a librarian point of view.


Mary Ann Scheuer said...

Oh, I think that Savvy is actually a great book to sell to kids in 4th - 7th grades. The kids in our school have loved it - some adventure, some craziness, a bit of romance, a lot of getting to know yourself and who you are.

Yankeerat said...

I'm with you on Savvy. But The Underneath, The Surrender Tree, even How I Learned Geography (which I love)--they are hard work. Mind you, I was holding "House in the Night" in my hands, and the words "Hot of the press--Caldecott winner" were no sooner past my lips, and it was whisked out of my hands. The prestige of the awards clearly still enthuses some parents.

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