19 June 2008

Bedtime Stories

Timothy and the Strong Pajamas (Schwartz, Viviane)
Come Fly with Me (Ichikawa, Satomi)

Sort of a mixed bag tonight (from my POV, that is. My daughter whole-heartedly approved of both.) Come Fly with Me is a very pretty book, reminiscent of the Old Bear books by Jane Hissey. It would appear that Ichikawa is working her way through her toybox, considering "Fly" comes on the heels of La La Rose and I am Pangoo the Penguin. The story of Woggy, a cuddly dog, and the toy wooden plane on the search for Somewhere, seemed secondary to the fine Parisian details on each page. I couldn't help looking for Adele and Simon.

Timothy and the Strong Pajamas--this week's Book of the Week--is funny in one of those nice quirky ways. Timothy is a very small mouse who longs to be strong. When his mother repairs his favorite pj's, and makes them extra-strong, that strength is passed on to Timothy (who should have been named Samson, perhaps?) Timothy uses his newly found strength for good and proceeds to help various strangers out of their predicaments. The art work is a combination of comic style blocking (complete with bubble-speech commentary from Timothy's trusty toy monkey) and full-spread illustrations. I hope that Timothy and his pj's have more adventures soon.

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