26 June 2008

On My Radar--Fave Early Reader Series

Some of my favorite Early Reader series are returning with new installments. September brings us the further adventures of Fly Guy, that slightly scrotal but totally lovable insect (and I don't often show affection for any sort of bug) and his owner, Buzz. And for fans of the softer, less-manic tales of friendship, there is a new Houndlsy and Catina book to savor.

I have so much admiration for writers who can create a story of limited, sometimes pre-dictated, vocabulary, and still offer a story that is fun to read. Dr. Seuss and Else Holmelund Minarik are the standards by which Early Reader authors are judged, but Mo Willems (Elephant & Piggie,) Tedd Arnold (Fly Guy,) Cynthia Rylant (take your pick!), James Howe (Houndsley & Catina,) Lola M. Schaefer (Mittens,) Keith Baker (Mr. & Mrs. Green) have all risen to the challenge.

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