18 June 2009

You Read to Me, I'll Read to You Meme

NMD Read to Me
Elephants Cannot Dance! by Mo Willems

I Read to NMD
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett, illus. by Ron Barrett
Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin; illus. by Harry Bliss
Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship and Survival by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery, illus. by Jean Cassels
Wombat Walkabout by Carol Diggory Shields, illus. by Sophie Blackall

We Read Together
There was a Man who Loved a Rat and other vile little poems by Gerda Rovetch, illus. by Lissa Rovetch (you can see what I've said about this book prevously here.)

We revisited some classic titles this week, just because :) Diary of a Worm is a particular favorite because illustrator Harry Bliss visited my daughter's school this year, and her copy is autographed! The diary format of the book prompted the discussion, "how does a worm write?" The answer was easily answered by a glance at the front cover, but when you apply the question to the premise of worms having noteworthy lives, as opposed to their physical limitations when trying to hold a pencil, it becomes a more interesting debate. "Two Bobbies" also generated much discussion, since the events of Hurricane Katrina are contemporary to my daughter's life, but she doesn't remember having lived through it (as a newsworthy event, not as an actual experience, since we do not reside in New Orleans.) Plus, as a fan of non-fiction, she has a soft spot for anything based on a true story.

My personal favorite this week was Wombat Walkabout, which takes the format of a counting book and uses it to introduce readers to the wildlife and fauna of Australia. The counting is almost incidental, for the teaching moments come not during the counting, which never advances beyond six, but as the reader is introduced to new and wonderful creatures, charmingly illustrated by Sophia Blackwell (known to us previously via the Ivy and Bean series of books by Annie Barrows.) "Wombat" also has elements of the trickster tale as the wily marsupials outsmart the hungry fox. Lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

Your choices sound intriguing. I am definitely going to add them to my reading list :)

Z-Kids said...

gonna try to locate that walkabout book right now... Thanks for the introduction!

pussreboots said...

The only book we have on your list is Diary of a Worm. I'm taking notes on the others. My post is here.

Amy Planchak Graves said...

Wombat sounds great. (You had me at "trickster.")

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