09 June 2009

Anthony Browne named new Children's Laureate (UK)

Well here's some fantastic news--Anthony Browne has been named the new UK Children's Laureate! I adore Anthony Browne's books, and I applaud what he has to say about picture books in general:

"Picture books are for everybody at any age, not books to be left behind as we grow older......We have in Britain some of the best picture book makers in the world, and I want to see their books appreciated for what they are - works of art."

Browne is a writer (he illustrates his own books) who uses the page like a canvas; words are sparse in his books, always well-chosen and never wasted, and as such they allow the illustrations to carry the bulk of the storytelling. Here is a list of my recommended Anthony Browne masterpieces:

Little Beauty: His most recent book, which tells the story of the friendship between a gorilla and a tiny kitten, is a testament to understated loyalty.

Gorilla: Possibly Browne's most touching book. A lonely little girl who loves gorillas gets a special visitor on her birthday.

Piggybook: A thoughtless husband and his two loutish sons tend to act like pigs around the house, never appreciating the hard work of the wife/mom in their lives. You can only act like a pig for so long before behavior becomes reality.....

My Mom: An ode to the most important woman in any child's life, and a sentimental favorite, because I'm a mom. There is also its counterpart, My Dad.

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