26 May 2009

Snowy Day Stamp--yes please!

The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation is actively trying to convince the United States Postal Service to create a domestic stamp based on The Snowy Day (recently listed at #4 on the Fuse 8 Top 100 Picture Book Poll.) With his own stamp, protagonist Peter would join Fredrick, Wilbur, and a Wild Thing as children's literature celebrities now in the service of the Postmaster General and the millions of customers who still require snail mail for one reason or another. A thoroughly worthy cause!


Sagey said...

Yes please is right! That was one of my favorites as a kid and now a family favorite!

Kara Schaff Dean, the Yankeerat said...

A beautiful book--tranquil and cozy, just as I remember all snowy days as a child. Before I had to actually shovel driveways myself! It is a book that is so perfectly in tune with a child's sensibilities--a stamp is the least a grateful world can offer it (after the Caldecott, of course:)

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