27 April 2009

Reading Radar: It's a Secret by John Burningham

It was a happy children's librarian who saw this in her May edition of "Books For Growing Minds." Even better, I found an article in a recent issue of "The Independent", where Burningham talks a bit about his childhood, in promotion of his new autobiography. (Note to self--buy it!) He has some scathing commentary about modern parenting trends. But readers familiar with his disarmingly subversive picture books will not be surprised.

My John Burningham Top Three:

3) The Magic Bed: Georgie has outgrown his crib and is ready for a big boy bed. And he doesn't choose just any old bed as a replacement. Magic and imagination are interchangeable in this story about moving on.

2) Mr. Gumpy's Outing: What could possibly go wrong when a boy, a girl, a cat, a dog, a rabbit, and a cow ask for a ride on the same skiff?

3)John Patrick Norman McHennessy, the Boy Who was Always Late: Now back in print, to my complete and utter joy. You can see what I think of this classic here.

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