25 July 2008

Pigeonholeing--who needs it?

This recent article in the New York Times about what makes a book YA or adult (the short answer--an editor) touches upon two subjects that have recently irritated me: rating books by age and James Patterson. It's clear to see from this article how labeling a book as "suitable" for a specific age/audience limits is capacity to reach beyond that demographic. If adults are daft enough to ignore a book because it is YA (and, therefore, not adult,) then think about how they will ignore books for their little ones because the cover says it is for 8-12 or Gr: 1-3. And as for James Patterson, he is sooooo only about making as much money as possible! Otherwise he would be more than happy to let his Maximum Ride books sit on the YA shelves. Works for Sherman Alexie!

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