05 October 2007

We interrupt this blog.....

....for the American League Division Series! Yes, the Sox are back in the big time, which means late nights and disrupted guru service. Sorry (but not really--it's the SAWX!)

Today is the release date for The Seeker, the film based, supposedly, on The Dark is Rising. Having recently completed the book, and seen the trailer for the film umpteen thousand times, I'm pretty sure that they are two different beasts. Author Susan Cooper has similar concerns. In rereading the book, I was struck by how little actually happens (hard to translate a lack of action to the big screen.) Even more importantly, the book is steeped in antiquity--the land of Britain itself, the Old Ones who fight the Dark, Will Stanton, the protagonist, who's only connection to modern life is a preference for Chelsea Football Club (he still goes caroling, for pete's sake, and sings carols in French!) This is not simply an everyday-boy-discovers-magic-powers type of story. But that seems what the filmmakers are aiming for. I don't know. If it's a success, I'm sure we'll see the rest of the series eventually.

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