20 October 2007

Answering The Guardian--My belated top ten

I have been slightly side-tracked by the Red Sox's pursuit of the pennant, but at last I have for your consideration my Top Ten Favorite Children's Authors. About a month ago I wrote about a Top Ten List from The Guardian, a daily broadsheet coming out of the UK. Their list of most popular children's authors, which purported to be voted on by British young adults, was lopsided in favor of 1) British authors and 2) Classic authors. So I have countered with my own list.

I have compiled my list based on authors that I either loved as a child/young adult, as well as authors I have discovered since working in the field. They are listed in the order in which they popped into my head.

Drum roll please......

Susan Cooper
Madeline L'Engle
Lloyd Alexander
E.B. White
Elizabeth George Speare
Rumiko Takahashi
Beverly Cleary
David McPhail
John Agee
John Burningham

Honorable Mention:

And then there are my Top Three Fond Memories, listing authors whose books I remember really loving at the time:

Donold Sobol
Ellen Raskin
Walter Farley

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