29 March 2011

We have a Final Four!

The School Library Journal Battle of the Kids' Books is headed for the finish line. The four semifinalists are now in place and ready to start duking it out towards the Big Kahuna Round on Monday. If you haven't been following at home, here is how the semis will play out:

Louis Sachar's The Cardturner vs Kathi Appelt's Keeper
Jonathan Stroud's Ring of Solomon vs Andy Mulligan's Trash

I'm kind of back where I started in the first round--I've only read one of these books. One I have ignored because I don't think I will like it based on what I have read (and this competition has not changed my mind about it,) and the other two are on my TBR pile, having to be put aside while I turn my attention to actual work (dammit!) And after watching others brackets crash and burn, I am making no predictions till I see which title returns from the dead on Friday.

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