05 October 2010

It's been the kind of day.....

.....where I really needed a laugh. I can't comment on the books, but the covers are hilarious.


Madigan McGillicuddy said...

I read "All My Friends Are Dead" at ALA Annual. It's a lot like "Fortunately, Unfortunately" by Remy Charlip.... except things don't turn around, they just keep getting worse and worse. (In a funny way.)

I'm dying to read Dick and Jane and Vampires. I saw a sample page and it looks hilarious. It's something like, "There is something at the window. Look out, Sally, look out." And Dracula is leering in at the window as Sally innocently plays inside. So silly.

Kara Schaff Dean said...

I'm still ambivalent about literary mash-ups, but perhaps I found the Dick and Jane cover so funny because that series is not one of my sacred cows (unlike, say Jane Austen!)Am hunting down a copy as we speak.

Loved the Zombie felties, BTW :)

Pam Tee said...

Personally, I think "All My Friends are Dead" is an unfortunate title from a shelf POV. Vampires, however... that at least sounds funny.

The Bumbles said...

Oh God - I love love love that D&J one. I had an old D&J reader a long time ago - probably dug up at my grandparents' house one visit or something. Or who knows, maybe they were still in use when I was a wee tyke. They were so boring - but for some reason I was fascinated with the illustrations. I used to make up my own stories to go with the pictures that were much more interesting - kind of like this one here!

(are you going to the Boston Book Festival this weekend? I am going to check it out - a very impressive lineup of events for adults and kids alike)

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