24 March 2010

Back from my holiday and ready to go!

I'm back from Barbados, where I did.....not a whole lot. And let me tell you--it was fab! An interesting experience, being in Barbados. I was without internet access for ten days! And I've lived to tell the tale. So, as I regroup and reenter cyberspace, things on my to do list:

--Catch up with BoB. I actually worried about missing out on this for a whole ten minutes, before I melted in the Barbados heat. But now that I'm back in the chill, I need to get serious again about BOOKS! And I can't think of anywhere better to start.

--Comment on Mark Haddon's Boom! and Catherine Jink's Living Hell, two science fiction titles at completely different ends of the spectrum, but they had me from start to finish.

--Try to hold on to that holiday feeling just a little bit longer.....


Jen Robinson said...

Welcome back! Sounds like it was a great trip! And now only 11 days until Opening Day.

Kara Schaff Dean said...

Thanks, Jen! Leaving was a bummer, but the thought of the Sox will keep me going :)

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