20 December 2009

Rave Review: Imogene's Last Stand

In the immortal words of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, "Mine eyes have seen the glory," and her name is Imogene Tripp.

Imogene is a little girl who loves history: reading it, quoting it, sharing it. However, no one else is as enthusiastic as she it. In fact, most of the residents of Liddleville, New Hampshire, where Imogene lives with her father, are down-right apathetic about their past. When a plan is devised to tear down the local historical society to make space for a shoe lace factory, which will put Liddleville "on the map," Imogene finds that hers is the lone voice of opposition. Her fellow Liddlevillians are bemused by her passion for history, at the perceived expense of the town's future. Armed with a limitless supply of energy, ideas, and apropos quotes, Imogene fights a one-girl battle to save the historical society. Her ultimate triumph is, like America's most glorious moments, hard-fought and well-earned.

The Founding Fathers might have laid the foundation of this great nation, but it's the dedication of one inspired and focused girl who preserves it for them--at least in Liddleville. In a literary landscape dominated by princessess, fairies, and pink, Imogene's spunk and tenacity makes for a picture book heroine who will go down in history.


Pam T said...

Drats. I saw Imogene at the library yesterday. Now I'm sorry I didn't pick it up.

Kara Schaff Dean said...

Make sure to put it on hold!

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