10 November 2009

Best Illustrated Books of the Year

Here we go--the award season is upon us now: the National Book Award finalists have been announced, the Cybil panelists are hard at work whittling down their lists of nominees, and the New York Times has announced it's Best Illustrated Children's Books for 2009. And there are some beuts among this year's list. Personal favorites: Only a Witch Can Fly, A Penguin Story, and the breathtaking The Lion and The Mouse. I'm also happy to see Shaun Tan get a nod for Tales from Suburbia, to highlight the fact that illustrated books are not just for kids, even if a non-adult audience is in mind.


debnance said...

I'd not heard of this award. How could that one have slipped by me?!

Kara Schaff Dean said...

I don't think the NYT give out an actual award to their Best Illustrated Books--just provide lots of prestigious buzz and excitement (although if someone knows otherwise, please correct me.) Publisher's Weekly listed their books of the year at the end of October. But for me, there is something "official" about the NYT list: as soon as I see it, I feel that award season is upon us. It's like my dad, who used to paint our house every spring. As soon as I saw that ladder go up, I knew that winter was officially over! ;)

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