17 October 2009

I have it on good authority--give 'em more Rickman!

It sounds as if the folks down at Kidlitosphere 2009 are having a grand time. I've been following events on Twitter, via the #kidlitcon hashtag. And aside from some very useful discussion about the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) transparency rules, and how they will affect bloggers, I saw this nugget go by:

@gregpincus #kidlitcon to have a popular blog, put up pictures of dogs, cats, or Alan Rickman!

Now that's information that is unambiguous, and that I can use RIGHT NOW! So, weighing my options, and taking into account his recurring role in the Harry Potter film series, allow me to present you with this:
I will be manically checking my google analytics stats to see just how this gratuitous use of Alan Rickman has increased my blog readership!


debnance said...

Rickman, eh?

I have it on good authority that your blog stats go way up when you mention that you visited my blog, Readerbuzz.... ;->

www.readerbuzz.blogspot.com, just to remind you....love to have visitors...love to have comments....

Anonymous said...

It worked!

Kara Schaff Dean said...

Where would bloggers be without visitors and comments? Just sad little voices talking into the void..."via the void" as it were (quoted for any Whovians who might stop by ^_^)

Helen said...

I like Alan Rickman and that is exactly why Google has directed me here. I find the piece of advice amusing. I have been smiling since morning, so thank you for putting me in a good mood. How on earth did Greg Pincus reach that conclusion?

Alan Rickman is listed at number 8 in the Empire Magazine Sexiest Movie Stars in 2009, so a picture of him is likely to increase the number of people visiting your blog. However, you may be wrong about readership, since they might be there to just look at the pictures. Would that make you happy?

Thank you for the photo from "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". It is beautiful. I am glad that you chose Mr Rickman instead of animals.

Kara Schaff Dean said...

Thank you for the comment Helen--I'm glad I (or, should I say, Alan Rickamn,) brought a smile to your face. That's a good day's work :)

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