11 November 2008

Veterans Day title--Anna and Natalie

To be honest, Anna and Natalie, written by Barbara Cole and illustrated by Ronald Himler, is not strictly a Veteran's Day title. But I used it yesterday for a Veteran's Day storycraft program to great effect and was touched by how aware and proud the children in attendance were of veterans in their own families. The book tells the story of a fourth grade girl who wishes to be involved in the team from her class that will be laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington D.C.'s Arlington National Cemetery. There is a completely surprising twist to this story (it would take a remarkably observant reader to guess it before the end.) Anna succeeds in her wish to be selected, and in doing so draws attention to the wartime sacrifices of a group of participants almost completely unrealized by civilians, but valued immensely by service men and women everywhere. I will say no more, other than, thank you.

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