21 October 2008

Scanimation Fun--Swing!

The new scanimation book, Swing!, came in today, and we all had good fun looking at it. Despite the fact that we have a defective page (the figure skater in our copy doesn't turn) I think it's even better than Gallop!, and that takes some doing. Focusing on athletic verbs, the scanimation action in Swing seems more sophisticated and technically accomplished: you get cyclists racing around a corner, and a baseball that is hit right at ya, like a 3D movie. We have Gallop! at the circulation desk to keep little hands and eyes busy while the grown-ups focus on getting everything checked out and (if necessary) paid up. Even without circulating, we still invested in a second copy of Gallop! after about six months because the first copy was so well-loved. I envision a similar fate for Swing!

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