15 April 2008

Everywhere you look--Emily Gravett

Every now and then there seems to be an author who turns up out of nowhere and manages to be everywhere. British picture book writer and illustrator Emily Gravett is one of those authors. Perhaps I am more aware of her presence because I now order books, so I see what's coming in on a regular basis. But since the much celebrated release of Wolves in 2005, five more titles have followed, with two others slated for release in 2008. That's amazing production, if you ask me!

I have been warming up to Ms. Gravett with each new title. Wolves did not impress me as much as it did others, and Meerkat Mail seemed like Griffin and Sabine Lite for a younger crowd. But I was totally charmed by Orange Pear Apple Bear with its 4 word story, and Monkey and Me is as simultaneously simple and sophisticated as the child's imagination which it celebrates. And now that I know she keeps pet rats.....the love affair continues!

Gravett has a lovely website--despite the shushing librarian--so be sure to check it out for a complete bibliography of titles available here in the States and her native England.

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